Losing your passport is a nerve racking experience, whether you're at home or already traveling.

The following article provides directions for effectively dealing with this situation. It walks you through what you need to do, as well as the associated forms involved.

iPhone apps

If you travel for a living – or even just for fun – one of the most important things to have at your disposal is a really good travel app. While many of you are familiar with the TripIt app, there are some who have yet to try this time saving app for themselves.

That is why TravelPlex is proud to announce you may subscribe to TripIt Pro for one-year and pay only $29! That is 40% off the regular rate of $49 a year.

Couple Booking Travel

DO YOU READ ONLINE TERMS AND CONDITIONS WHEN BOOKING TRAVEL? You might want to if you book hotels online. 

As with a lot of online purchases, there is always some fine print, but hoteliers have taken it to the max.

Southwest plane

As Southwest and American Airlines continue to deal with grounding of the 787 Max airplanes, we feel communication from the airlines is crucial in letting the traveling community know how the airline is performing and working around the grounding issue.

Below is a message from Southwest Airlines regarding the Boeing 737 Max airplanes:

Business Meal

Every year, we at TravelPlex are asked by most of our corporate partners for the latest in travel per diems and hotel rates. The following information will contain rates on average hotel rates; average car rates and average meal costs, all broken down by city.


Finally! The news all Missouri travelers have been waiting to hear. Missouri has passed a law enabling the state to offer licenses and identification cards that will comply with stricter federal identification requirements under the federal Real ID Act.

Applications for the new licenses will be accepted as of today (March 25, 2019).


If you’ve been traveling for the past year or so, or even shopped for a hotel to stay, you may have noticed an unprecedented number of new hotel brands. Major chains such as Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt are expanding their offerings in order to offer a hotel room for almost anyone’s economic or demographic sector.

As the newest wave of travelers wash into the job market, millennial travelers have every hotel chain looking to offer them a hotel product that will appeal to their liking.

737 Max

We have just been alerted to the news that President Trump and the FAA have grounded all Boeing 737 Max-8 and 737 Max-9 airplanes immediately and they will be out of service until further notice. The impact of these groundings should be minimal. Southwest Airlines employs 36 of the grounded aircraft, while American Airlines flies 24 of the planes.

An ABC News announcement was made and includes the following:

Woman in Hotel Room

Today, women are traveling more than ever. Unfortunately, they face some unique risks - as the U.S. Department of State perfectly puts it, “The truth is that women face greater obstacles". The most frequent security risks that female travelers face are opportunistic crimes, especially bag snatching, followed by sexual harassment and assault.

There are various precautions women can take prior to a trip and when travelling to minimize these risks.

Southwest plane

Some of you who frequently fly Southwest Airlines, or have friends or co-workers flying the carrier, may have noticed the unusually high amount of cancellations the airline has had in recent weeks. Most notable to many travelers are that these are not weather-related cancellations.

It was announced last week that Southwest Airlines has sued its mechanics' union, claiming the union is encouraging mechanics to write up artificial aircraft maintenance reports that have no impact on flight safety.

Virgin Voyages Ship

Always wanted to try a cruise but you hate buffets and waterparks and long for adventure with an adult twist? Hang on to your sailor hat, there’s a new guy at sea!

Richard Branson now has a cruise line with a totally different take on cruising. 

Busy Airport

We wanted to alert all TravelPlex clients to the possible delays and cancellations at various airports throughout the country and the need for all travelers to check with the airline as to the status of their flight. This is due to staffing issues at several airports, including Atlanta, LaGuardia (NYC), Newark and Philadelphia.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has made the decision to halt or delay flights into these three airports because of staffing concerns. Typically, these are temporary measures and involve ‘gate and/or taxi holds’.

Sad Businessman in Airport

As the U.S. government shutdown turns three weeks old, the odds of lasting effects on the travel community—disrupted trips or, even worse, security risks—are increasing.

“Air traffic control, understaffed before the shutdown began, soon could reach the point at which the government will need to reduce flight volumes, which will force carriers to cancel some flights”, states Bruce McIndoe, founder and president of global travel risk management firm World.” An extended shutdown could lead to entire airports being shut down, with only a "subset of the airports" running”.

Woman in Airport Security Line

TravelPlex has heard from many of our clients regarding the conditions at airports across the country and the TSA agents situation. While some TSA agents have called in sick for work, the agency took to Twitter Friday,  stating “security effectiveness will not be compromised and performance standards will not change” at all airports.

We have a few tips for dealing with this situation.

car dash

Beginning January 1, 2019, the IRS is increasing the rate used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business purposes.

TravelPlex Travel & Cruise, a Branch of Tzell Travel Group, has signed an agreement to acquire B & A Travel Service, which is headquartered in Carbondale, Illinois.  The merged operations of the two companies will represent $55 million in annual sales.